Friday, December 12, 2008

LI - Communication Gap


One of this week's writing challenges from Mama's Losin' It
is to write about what you would say to a mouse if it could talk.
There is a basic assumption here...

Communication Gap

In a cloth draped cage he came to my house
A magical crittur, an articulate mouse;
The Sharman promised me, hand on heart,
"He’ll answer all questions, he's very smart".
The only requirement from me in this deal
Was to feed the small rodent a really good meal.
When the meal was done and the mouse replete
I lotused myself before his small feet.
“Speak to me Mouse, from your wisdom inside!”
“Είναι αυτός μια γάτα πίσω από σας”* the small mouse replied.
Sadly my cat devoured the pipsqueak
Before I had managed to teach myself Greek.


* More or less: "Is that a cat behind you?"


© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. What's a Sharman doing with a Greek speaking mouse, anyway?

    Nice poem but.

  2. AHA!
    It may (or may not) interest you to know that I was among the first to arrive at you 'new post' complete with 'links' and, though not a member of the blogging community at the time, wrote the address down, and to this day, oft send folks over when they say things like: "I've run out of ideas," and, " there nothing new under the Sun?" and, "How can I make the perfect Peanut butter and jelly sandwich?" (OK OK, when they ask about the sandwich, I tell tem to go to
    and they find out about the King of PBnJnB sandwiches!)

    How do I know I was among the first?
    There were no comments on the 'New post" and, I dunno why I didn't leave one.
    But, no one who has returned from the Modicum of Whimsy ever came back not laughing.

    I would check on occasion, however, the fellow sleeping and the dog at watch weren't so amused with my bothering them.
    I guess I should have left my guitar at home, eh?

    So, back at it, are we?
    Ever so cool!

  3. (by the way, if Sharman knows a Greek who can speak mouse, then he may be on to a brand new mouse trap! Just make a recording saying [in mouse, of course] leave the house now! The cats are coming the cats are coming! I have a French Cookbook and there's a recipe for mouse in it!)

  4. truly the poet has returned!

  5. And the Boneman has returned!
    Calloo, callay, he chortled in his joy!

  6. seriously, where do you come up with this stuff. who are you? i just can't keep up...

  7. death by mouse ..err.. cat..
    too tragic, indeed ..

  8. Elizabeth: What do you mean who am I? I am me! I have to be me. All the other positions are taken.

  9. Mouse: 0
    Cat: 1
    Greek Dictionary: -5

  10. I have written some bad poetry ---never seem to have the knack for it, nor can I hope to achieve the cleverness of yours.

    People keep saying the internet and email have ruined the art of writing, but viewing blogs like yours completely disproves that assumption.

    Now, can you send that cat over to my house? I saw a small black mouse in our basement 2 nights ago and our lazy feline seems to have only a mild disinterest in it.

  11. JCN--you remind me of 2 of some of my very dearest friends in the world. They are brothers...witty, clever, smart, and their funny-ness comes across so well they could outwit even a greek speaking mouse...maybe.

    you are masterful with words.

  12. I am sure there was a note in the case about the greek. This was too cute.

  13. παντα ρει ... but your poetry most of all. I think I'll lotus myself.

  14. Sometimes Sophia: Most generous! Thank you.

  15. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?


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