Sunday, December 14, 2008

LIII - The "Do-Over" Button

One Minute Writer had a topic called "The Do-Over Button".

"If you had a "do over" button, what one event in your life
would you like to have a second chance at doing better?"
It reminded me of that old joke about an Amish man and an elevator.

The "Do Over" Button

An inventor by the name Hutton
Created a 'do-over' button;
He had the time of his life
When he did over his wife
And now enjoys lamb and not mutton.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. If your wife reads this you are dead meat!

  2. great joke. although i dont think i will be sharing it with the women in my life just yet.

  3. Lee: I'm more likely to get into trouble for this, if she were to read your blog post about dongsnog:

    Dongsnog is a word that is missing,
    What with images of hot penile kissing,
    Our lexicons need it.
    But I ready concede it
    Really is just fond reminiscing.

    Justsomethoughts: Better to be a live chicken than a dead duck?

  4. Around here we use Texans instead of Amish for the cited joke - more people are familiar with the oddness that is Texas than with the Amish country.

    I figure I'd get in trouble for telling my better half either of the jokes.

  5. Okay, J, Cosmo, my new goal in life is to write a great limerick. I know my meager attempt will not match yours, but it is a worthy goal.

  6. Go for it. It is an addiction. My two favourites are:

    While Titian was mixing rose madder,
    His model reclined on a ladder
    The position to Titian
    Suggested coition
    So he leapt up the ladder and had her.

    There was a young plumber named Lee
    Who was plumbing a young maid by the sea
    Said the maid "cease your plumbing
    I think someone's coming"
    Said the plumber, still plumbing, "It's me!"

    They are my benchmarks.

  7. there was an inventor named hutton
    who rather enjoyed lamb just not mutton
    alas, real soon lamb found young buck
    who endured during a good ..err..f^ck
    now hutton must jerk his own button..

  8. You always brighten up my day!!!

  9. ok
    this is my first ever :)

    all this writing has caused too much thinking
    and i guess i'm 'gain due for some drinking
    which doesnt surpise
    as i seem to surmise
    'tis the juice in which i'm slowly sinking

    it's only a first
    but i can see how this can become something of an obsession.

  10. Sheep loving Hutton confessed
    His button often failed to impress.
    Said Hutton, about his button,
    This size is just nothin’;
    In winter, it’s completely recessed.

  11. young mutton smirked at hutton
    who was contemplating wee button
    wondering if he'd need to pay a fee
    for favors that were once free ...

    young mutton leaped with joy
    cause she had found her own new toy
    in the form of a young buck ..
    who proofed to be a studly good f...

  12. betcha didn't figure on being such an inspiration, eh?

  13. No, but really glad it was!

  14. It did seem to push a few buttons, didn't it!


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