Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LXVI - Surviving Christmas, Cold Turkey


Surviving Christmas, Cold Turkey

The table groaned beneath the load
The serving staff had training for their muscles
And to each plate largesse bestowed
(But, darn, no green sprouts from Brussels.)

There was a stuffed turkey, nicely roasted,
And sliced, with an eye to presentation;
On the day our table boasted
Enough food to feed a small but hungry nation.

There were nuts and fruit and fine mince tarts,
Good red wine and condiments enhancing,
Potatoes, salads, shortbread hearts,
And salsas, the closest thing I got to dancing.

The pantry’s still full of this culinary cheer
Long after the guests have upped and gone.
Christmas comes but once a year;
But the leftovers go on and on and on.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Yeah... I'm throwing everything out today. I can't look at another plate of eggplant parm or baked ziti. Ugh.

  2. I had a cold roast pork sandwich for breakfast. I can't bear to throw it out but can't find enough meals to use it in! Mind you, with home made chutney, it was very nice and there is nothing in the contract that says you have to have cornflakes for breakfast!

  3. my in-laws had so many leftovers that they invited us for lunch and dinner the past 3 days ..
    with a relieved heart i have to say that we just about finished the last of it tonight ..

  4. I don't have any leftovers but that picture of the sandwich is making me hungry.

  5. Hey, J.Cosmo, another whimsical poem.

    And speaking of that sandwich, where do you find your great photos?

  6. Perfect way to describe the Christmas feast.

  7. The photos are all Google Images; I tweek them with Photoshop.

  8. Turkey pie, turkey divan, turkey taco casserole, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup... enough turkey transmutations to hold us until next Thanksgiving. (Giving soup to unsuspecting neighbors gets rid of it quick.) Your quip about the larder? I couldn't have laughed harder.

  9. One of the great things about traveling to someone else's house for the holidays is there are no leftovers to clean out later. Of course, that also means no leftovers to eat... so I'm not sure if that's good or bad??

  10. Very Nice! Now I'm hungry.

  11. Well, I enter the world of leftovers smilin'
    Because i've learned a secret worth compilin'.
    Just add noodles and cheese.
    Favorite seasonnings, too, please.
    And we'll all pretend to be Italian!

    (sorry....it just fell out. I couldn't stop it) =))

  12. I cooked for the cats. They jealously guard their leftovers and pay homage to them. I ate spinach salad. That really isn't a "leftover" sort of worry.


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