Monday, December 29, 2008

LXIV - Word Verification Limerick

Some people love word verification. Not sure why.
I have never used it and not had any problems.
The time was right for a word verification limerick, which I have reproduced above.

Translated, it reads:
Word verification is the pits
When doing a blog comments blitz
To say verification
Is a mild irritation
Is wrong, in reality it gives me quite a lot of bother.


The limerick addiction's a curse,
And can result in dreaming in verse,
It's not the rhyming
It's the da-da-dum timing
That leads to insanity, or worse

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Well, that explains an awful lot.

  2. Poor Cosmo... da-da-dumb timing? You and Beethoven march to the same muse, it seems.

  3. I have Van Gogh's ear for music.

  4. You must march to a very special beat!

  5. ... or worse? ...
    foam carefully backs away ..

  6. Wonderful, as always!

    At first, I thought you were going to use the words in a poem somehow and wondered how you were going to pull that off!

  7. Didn't I?

    It has rhyme and metre, what more do you what??

    Meaning? Too much. Far too much!! :-)

  8. Foam: Are just working it out? Be afraid, be very afraid...

  9. Word verification IS a pain
    A mere ruse to addle the brain
    But the rewards are so sweet
    When like minds do meet
    And our feeble efforts have not been in vain.

    Hows your da-dum timing on the dance floor Mr. Newberry?

  10. Dancing is said to inspire
    An improper horizontal desire;
    I find it discrete
    To have two left feet,
    It keeps me from playing with fire.

  11. Your blog post I saw here in kind
    The limerick a mere paradigm
    Shifting for me
    One hundred and three
    The percentage of joy I did find.

    This is fun! Can we have a limerick a day contest?

    Wandered over from Pictures, Poetry and Prose. cdb


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