Saturday, December 27, 2008

LXII - Grounds for a complaint.


Grounds for a complaint.

If espresso coffee can be faulted
It is your inability to consult it;
Unlike tea, with leaves to read,
Coffee’s made from a seed
That's roast and ground until dilutable:
Tea’s Chinese but coffee’s inscrutable.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. That's funny because just the other day I was looking in the bottom of my coffee cup looking to see if there was anything there to read. There wasn't, which is probably a good thing, as I don't know how to read tea leaves or coffee grounds!

  2. I thought you preferred looking at the stuff left in the bottom of wine glasses??

  3. ...that's right...
    a good strong cup of inscrutable coffee in the morning ..

    ..a good glass of wine or beer in the evening..

    and i'm off for my coffee right now ..

  4. well, arrived just in time I did
    May I help you with the lid?
    of the coffee grinder
    what? You don't find her?
    You don't 'grind' is that what you said?

    Coffee not freshly ground is flavor lost.
    You should find a way to grind it, whatever the cost.
    It tastes so much better
    mmmmm right to the letter!
    Yes, not grinding is like having the goose without the sauce!

    Now, for future readings from your empty cup.
    Well, that's easily remedied, by mixing something else up
    into the hot cup you poured
    another flavor you've long adored,
    CHOCOLATE! Ah, cocoa, leaving particles after you have supped.

  5. Ah, the caffeine scene... This is a lovely bit of work. The rhyming is wonderfully clever. Made me perk right up.

  6. Tea is also being Indian. I am thinking you should not be forgetting this.

  7. Sorry Princess, I think it came from China first.

  8. Anyway, after a few wines I know all the answers.

  9. Your poem speaks volumes. I like very line. Commenting from Poetry Pantry.


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