Saturday, December 06, 2008

XLVI - Little Donkey

Stu Pidasso, indicated that Freebird's burritos are something to die for.
I expressed some reservations at this wanton waste of life
and Stu has written an ode to the burrito. This is my response.

Little Donkey

The reasons are many I drink wine for,
And there are women I would gladly recline for,
But when I die, the reason wont be a
Meal wrapped in a tortilla;
A burrito is something to dine for.

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Have you ever had a burrito?

  2. be a..... tortilla? You make me laugh.

  3. Good. My time on this planet has not been wasted.

  4. I don't know that I have had a REAL burrito.

  5. i've lived in texas and visited in mexico ..
    burritos there are usually not so fat as these here and in general just stuffed with refried beans, rice or meat and rice. but does that mean they are real? .. eating a burrito is like eating a pizza. who cares if it's 'real' or not .. as long as it's to die .. err .. dine for.

  6. There are just some things that, when enjoyed, make life so much more pleasant. Good food, good drink, good music, good friends and of course the four directives to help enjoy life; sing, dance love and laugh!! Life without any or all of these is just not worth the toil to complete. Thankfully I have or have had them all in various combinations.

    I must add that good writing is also a bonus. Thank you JCN for all of your works that make me smile.

  7. Thanks Stu. Much appreciated.


    Don't give Bubba your burritto,
    Won't last too long, don't you know.
    Mighty big dog,
    he'll fetch you a log,
    And still eat three more burrotos just for show.


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