Thursday, December 25, 2008

LIX - To a young lad, forty years past.

"Spring's Innocence" - Norman Lindsay.

Laura Jayne at Pictures, Poetry & Prose poses a daily writing challenge.
This poem is in response to the prompt "Write a letter to your young self.".

To a young lad, forty years past.

I who am ahead by forty years,
And write this peculiar rhyme,
Send you my words, in arrears,
Backward down through time.

I’ll not warn you what to eat
Or what paths your life should take;
Nor a word on lovers you may meet;
These are choices you will make.

But it’s attitude that makes the man,
So be kind to all you meet.
Use humour everywhere you can
And think before you speak.

How shall your life ahead unfold?
I know and yet I don’t, of course
Take heed of everything you’re told
But move on, without remorse.

O friend, known yet beyond my touch,
Sharer of my life and genes
I really cannot tell you much.
I am getting on; you are in your teens.

But since I can never take your place,
Nor lift you when you fall,
I send my love through time and space
To free you. You will have a ball.

© J Cosmo Newbery
It is structured on Flecker's poem "To a poet a thousand years hence".

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  1. really and truly you never cease to amaze. to say you have a gift might seem like i am taking away credit for your efforts. but you do have a gift. i enjoy coming to see your offerings every time they are made available. a happy holiday to you and yours.

  2. Nicely written. I'm surprised you didn't push the cash for Pinot Noir and against Brussels Sprouts!

  3. Love this!! I did something similar in letter-form. Yours is much more eloquent!

  4. I am always inspired by the way you write. It's amazing.

  5. speaking to my past
    I would say, "you are an ass!"
    but time moved on
    and before long
    I realized I had become crass.

    But, wait, I no longer critique
    the people to whom I speak.
    Neither young or old
    for, whatever they're told
    They do as they please, like a mouse squeak.

    A 'mouse squeak' you ask,
    what kind of silly task
    would that be
    don't ask me
    I just wear my old man mask.

    Giving directions seems our worse crime
    We are always 'we' most of the time.
    Like a cow's opinion, we are moo
    I am me, you are you,
    And if we stop trying to lead each other, just live, that's sublime!

  6. and what a great picture, too!
    Wine! Good mates! And plenty of food to do!
    I may not be a 'smarty'
    but I sure recognize a party!
    And, maybe one of these days I'll even get to party with you!

    (I'll bring the wine!)

  7. Love this one!!! I don't know what I'd say to a younger me. Probably something like, "Be nice to your parents and quit being so sassy!" I could have kept myself out of a lot of trouble that way.

  8. Looking forward to it Boneman!

    Thank you all.


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