Sunday, December 28, 2008

LXIII - Good Clove, Bad Clove

Laura Jayne at Pictures, Poetry & Prose poses a daily writing challenge.
The prompt for this poem was “Garlic”

Good Clove, Bad Clove

Garlic is a thing quite magic
Though its effects can be quite tragic
It’s really not hard to guess
Why it gets so much bad press
When after some garlicky dinners
People smell of cheap paint thinners.


Good clove, bad clove
You’re the one that we love
Use a lot or just a touch
Can there really be too much?

It’s mystical powers clearly will
Address all manner of bodily ills
Against cholesterol, it is a winner
And it makes your blood flow thinner
It helps fight cancer, or so they say,
And even keeps a vampire at bay.


It grows, we’re told, where Satan stood
A force for evil or a force for good?
I don’t care, I love the stuff
It’s very hard to get enough.
There’s one thing God should be knowing
If there’s none in Heaven, I ain’t going.


© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Surely there could be no Heaven without garlic. Could there? Nah.

  2. of course there's garlic in heaven ..
    just probably not any garlic salt ..

  3. That's going to be my job in heaven, tending to the garden, which will have garlic.

  4. I'm hanging out with Mama Wheaton in heaven's garlic garden.

  5. If you eat enough of that delicious stuff, those who don't love garlic will keep their distance ---and who wants to be around that boring lot? Not me.

  6. double the garlic, double the fun!

    Cok chicken in about a half cup of Italian Dressing (the clear stuff with lots of stuffs floating in it) braze the meats first, let simmer about an hour, covered.
    There's garlic in the dressing, but, squash a couple more into the sauce, if you please.
    Turn heat up to a bit above low, off with the lid, pop in a can of drained asparagus (yeah....) and press three or more garlics atop the aspragus.
    If there's some green in the garlics? Put that on the sparagus that's going to the spicy lover.
    leave er rip for long enough that the meat's falling off the bone (Grandma's personal temp great every time)
    A glass of zinfindel before dinner, a side of lightly sauced noodles or even a baked if you want to roll away from the table stuffed and Cherry Vanilla ice cream after the dinner, sets up to a small glass of port by the fireplace and voilla!
    One fine dinner, a little less than a half hour of actual cooking time (chef watched, that is....the whole affair takes about an hour and a half)


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