Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LVI - A Semen's Life.

One Minute Writer had a topic called "Influence".
"Write about the one or two most influential people in your life thus far."

The most important person in my life? Well, me, of course.
But perhaps I should give credit where credit is due.
That way you know who to blame for your suffering, too.

A Semen's Life

A wife will not normally conceive
When her husband’s away on the seas;
The man in the navy
Who brought home the gravy
Was the guy who awarded shore leave.


The following is related and yet unrelated.
It is my limericated version of a radio blooper from the 1970s.
A service wife was being interviewed about her happiest moment.
Let’s call her husband Fred.

A Naval wife, who lived a life bland,
Was the happiest woman in the whole land
When she woke to find Fred,
Standing by her bed,
With his discharge in his hand.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. So if this guy hadn't given your Dad shore leave we would not have your poems to read today? The guy should get an award!

  2. apparently good things can come from being under the influence of discharging semen ..

  3. Not sure what to say but Go Navy!

  4. So you were feeling nautical or simply naughty? How about a dirty ditty that capitalizes on those terrific euphemisms for male genitalia (You know, that varmint you should kill with a rake...?)


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