Thursday, December 18, 2008

LVII - A Chilli Reception.


A Chilli Reception

I was feeling like making a spicy sauce;
Something with chillis, with bite, of course.
So I took to the kitchen all fired up
To make a chilli sauce, a hot ketchup.
I boiled a brew with the desired effect;
Satan, I think, would give it respect.
It’s an oddity of English (there are a lot)
That chilly is what the chilli’s not.

Late at night, far removed from the sink,
I tenderly toyed with the moist and pink.
With a scream that surely woke the dead,
My wife exploded from the bed
And stood in the doorway, off in the gloom,
Yelling obscenities across the room.
Remember this friends, that chilli juice lingers
And be really careful to wash your fingers.
© J Cosmo Newbery
For my sweet chilli sauce recipe, see here.
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  1. You should have had some ice handy, that surely would have made you more of a dandy. Try sugar not spice next time.(or wash your hands really, really well)

  2. Gloves are the way to go:

    Rubber gloves for the chillies.

    Kid gloves for the wife.

  3. i can certainly relate ..

  4. You sly dog. A wickedly delicious poem. Lee's spot on. Gloves, indeed.

  5. i'm so hot for her and she's so cooooooold. courtesy of the stones. the rolling ones.


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