Sunday, June 23, 2013

545 : The Crystal Ship

to incorporate a Jim Morrison song title into a writing.

The Crystal Ship

The crystal ship that we live on,
That carries us from when were born,
Is a tough but brittle sloop
That seldom tells us what to do,
Or the course to set our bearings to,
Or what currents we can count on
And leaves us there to dwell upon
The nagging demons who also crew
The crystal ship.

The winds we catch are not foregone,
We have little choice but sailing on,
Some days the skies are clear and blue,
Others, storms we must pass through,
As each one of us travels upon
The crystal ship.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. The crystal ship can be bumpy or smooth...thank goodness for the " days the skies are clear and blue"

  2. The message of his songs really did go into that universal realm. Nice job of reflecting that not all is in our control. I must go read the lyrics now to The Crystal Ship.

    1. I purposely didn't, not wanting to be influenced by anything but the title.

  3. The past few years it seems I have had few days clear and blue. I think this could have worked for Corey's challenge about writing something profound also. Thank you for participating in the challenge!!

  4. What can I add here?
    Parallel lines and similar thoughts.
    Tempered glass is tough.
    But when crystal shatters, it's a mess.


  5. I often sail without bearings, but sail on I must.

  6. I specially like the second verse, we carry on sailing come what may, learning along the way ~

  7. "...little choice but sailing on....." I love this, kiddo.......the cadence, the message and the rhyme scheme all really work.

  8. Yes, we don't have much control of our crystal ships. Onward!

  9. ... "As each one of us travels upon
    The crystal ship."

    Nicely done!

  10. People in crystal ships should not stow thrones, I believe.


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