Sunday, June 16, 2013

538 : The Voices

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #113) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:  

moonshine, anything, scoop, cave, shatters, wake, 
giggle, cut, load, sense, splits, crazy, chattering

The Voices.

The moonshine plays on the meadow,
As I lie in bed, awake.
A thousand voices chattering,
Leaving questions in their wake.

In my sombre cave of fat and bone,
A host of goblin’s whispers churn,
They then overload my senses,
Giggle at my concern.

They dance a crazy, frantic dance
Where anything can be,
They scoop and dive and then contrive
To cut up my sanity.

The alarm splits the revelry from the dawn,
Shattering the dreams gone by.
So now I recall that I couldn’t sleep
But can’t remember why.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Probably best not to remember.

  2. Delightful... Love the rhyme ... Also congratulations on your Limerick mention... So much fun :)

  3. Oh those dreams! This poem is great fun and a good use of the wordle words.

  4. OK at weekend - not so good during the week!

  5. Perhaps that is just as well.

  6. Lovely moonshine indeed.

  7. That blasted imp comes and sits on my chest sometimes.
    Wonderful poem!

  8. This is terrific and I can so relate to this experience. The third stanza is my favorite.

  9. I like very much! I have to admit though, being from the southern part of the USA I thought of something completely different when you mentioned moonshine.

  10. So now I recall that
    I couldn’t sleep
    But can’t remember why

    Happen to me too, quite frequently. Nicely Cosmo!


  11. Loved the mental images that formed and I too can't remember why I wake up as if I hadn't slept at all!! Loved the last stanza!!

  12. What fun! I hear those chattering voices at times too! (Usually 3AM) Great use of the words and I appreciate a poet who uses rhyme the way you do!Whirl 113

  13. Great rhyme and I rarely remember my dreams too, thank goodness.

  14. Having posted mine I find you had the same thoughts but with less than happy results. Some you win some you don't! Your poem however was exemplary.

  15. They scoop and dive and then contrive
    To cut up my sanity.

    Love this, not least your creative use of the word "scoop". And your final couplet is brilliant.

  16. I loved this. I can so relate. You beautifully describe the state of the nocturnal over-active mind, J Cosmo.

  17. Fun poem and use of the words. Your last stanza is a hoot!

  18. J Cosmo, this is wonderful and your rhyming is top-notch.


  19. the rhyme, the meter, the tale; totally charming

    much love...

  20. Lovely use of the wordle words.

  21. This is a fun romp. Truly enjoyed it. Thanks J Cosmo.

  22. Captures the 5am state of mind perfectly. (Or 2am, 3am, 4am....)

    1. Yes, there is just that awkward trip to the study in the chilly night to write down the thoughts so that they do not dissolve in the ebb and flow of semi-sleep.


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