Sunday, June 23, 2013

546 : Wrinkles

One Single Impression has the prompt "Wrinkle".

Age imprints more wrinkles in the mind
than it does on the face.
- Michel de Montaigne 

On the rollercoaster of life,
Where, on some days, dramas build 
In unpredictable way’s,
Others are, most thankfully, joy filled:

We’re bent by the events we’re sent.
And stay crinkled, not immaculate.

While life passes by, both joy and strife,
Wrinkles just accumulate.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. This is brilliant - crinkles / wrinkles // immaculate / accumulate //bent / event/ sent // and subtly worked into the verse and meaning. This is great poem!

  2. So very true and very well said.

  3. Lovely perspective and adore the photo!

  4. I loved this, J Cosmo. So very true. Wrinkles are so maligned, but I think they're beautiful. And I love Michel de Montaigne and have a book of his essays that's a go-to fav of mine.

  5. I call them my badges of honor.
    And use a really excellent 'Rapid Wrinkle Eraser' when I want to look my freshest.
    I'm a girl. I want to have it both ways ;P
    Enjoyed this.


  6. each wrinkle has its own story to tell

  7. Yes, maybe so, but why couldn't they show up on the back of the shoulders or somewhere else unobtrusive?

  8. Clever and true. I particularly like the internal rhyme of the line, "We’re bent by the events we’re sent."

  9. Enjoyed this greatly ~ M

  10. Oh, the wrinkles life sends us. I try to find those caused by smiles and think of them as joy creases. The other ones I whine about. lol Beautiful image and poem!

  11. I like your poem. I don't mind growing bent and wrinkled as long as my ride includes the others!

  12. "and stay crinkled, not immaculate". Witty observations!


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