Sunday, June 16, 2013

535 : Words as Knives

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were chuckle, evil and serrated.

Words, as knives.

The tongue
Can be exceedingly sharp, 
And, ironically, blunt.

Words cut deeply.
While they are not always evil,
It is nothing to chuckle about either.

The cut is deeper, 
More raw,
Than your serrated fish-knife
Or the one for your daily bread.

It bleeds tears.

And tends to get infected.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2013

    Has that dreadful woman been upsetting you again? I'll kiss all those wounds for you and buy you an ice cream sweetheart. It is not a great idea to throw rocks at her when you live in a glass house.She is known for retaliation. I think she must be very fond of you because she usually returns boulders rather than rocks.Give her some gardenias and she will purrrrrrrrr for you:)

    1. Thank you for your support. I shall always wear it. ;-)

      It's just a response to the prompt. Don't read too much into it.

    2. She's never offered me an ice-cream.

  2. And the infections don't respond to antibiotics either. Another great piece - thank you.

  3. Of course, sometimes people just say without thinking, far better to think without saying, I suppose.

  4. words are our greatest weapons...thy give life or take it...and do the worst, kill the soul and leave the body alive....

  5. Wow - the impact of this was much like a knife. A real cutting piece.

  6. This rather parallels my poem today, for reasons I prefer not to divulge. Words can hurt greatly, J Cosmo.


  7. Ouch! ahh...the power of words. Well told.

  8. quite the sharp pen, J Cosmo ~ M

  9. ah - words can cause deep wounds... they're both directions...tightly penned..

  10. Words are indeed powerful, they can hurt or heal hearts...


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