Friday, January 02, 2009

LXIX - Design Fault


Design Fault

The incompetence cannot be overstated,
This manufacturer should be castigated
For producing a product so frequently poor
That most items fail at least once, often more.

It’s prone to bend, or seize or crack
And there seems no way to send it back.
Nor can you book it for a service, annual,
(Actually it is not even listed in their manual)

And don’t try calling, you don’t have a prayer,
All messages left go unanswered there
So what’s this product so cripplingly slack?
I refer, of course, to the human back.

It’s the shoddiest construction you can find;
Don’t talk to me about intelligent design.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Tsk, tsk! That's no way to launch a new year---criticizing the Big Fellow and finding fault with his incomparable designs! For shame! Though you must have a pretty bad ache, poor dear....

  2. Achey today, love? I'm with you... not so much on the back, but screw whoever designed those damned knees.

  3. The embellishments are quite fine.

    Pinot Noir, I presume?

  4. its ALWAYS the pinot noir.
    actually there was a surprisingly delightful merlot...

  5. that reminds me ..
    i just popped my back..
    much better!

  6. Now I'm scared something is going to go wrong with mine. Everybody else in these comments agrees with you. My day must be coming....

  7. Oh you are playing with fire on this one! My dad would definitely agree with you on this one though... he's headed for his second back surgery in four years.

  8. I'm with Jenner here, definitely playing with fire. You will have the God botherers on your case.

  9. It's important to realize that it all is the result of someone somewhere in the process having a sense of humor - something decidedly lacking in the religious right.

  10. Aussie osteopath named Tom Bowen
    Kept back pain from chronically growin'
    By pulling skin that was slack,
    And pinching nerves out of whack,
    To make movement that’s pain-free and flowin'.


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