Tuesday, January 06, 2009

LXXIV - Man in a Beige Cardigan

Hand with a Sphere - Escher

One Minute Writer had a topic called "First Impression".
"Write what might go through someone's mind when they first meet you."

Man in a Beige Cardigan

If you were to meet J Cosmo,
You would be shocked to he was so
Ordinary, placid and, well, fawn.

When you meet this odd poet
(And the trick is to not show it)
You will have a strong desire to yawn.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I do love a man in a cardigan. And I haven't slept properly in 3 nights, so I'd likely yawn if I met Gerard Butler (or Clive Owen).

    PS... I have that picture on my bulletin board.

  2. You are too humble, I sincerely doubt there is anything about you that is worth yawning!

  3. Fawn? Makes me think of Bambi and little deer spots. Your blog is one of those dear spots. Sigh Do you have a beard and mustache like M.C.?

  4. .. well ..
    that may be so ..
    but, in the meanwhile,
    i'm not yawning over the poetry ..

    oops ..
    it's not the poetry, promise ..
    it's the monday afternoon.

  5. I simply don't believe you.

  6. Never judge a book by its cover, I say!

  7. I'm doubting there's anything ordinary about you JCN...intrigued I am....

  8. If you ask me, I reckon you are gilding the lily a bit.

  9. I find that very difficult to believe j cosmo, there is nothing 'fawn' about your poetry.
    I always envisage you as a man in his forties maybe, a well cut tweed jacket, a good shirt, french cuffs, corduroy trousers, leather shoes of course, a beautiful antique writing desk or bureau and an antique writing set on that desk with ink well and pen plus a fountain pen. And of course a glass of vintage wine. ♥

  10. :)
    My wine is always put in a plain brown paper bag at the store after I purchase it.
    Others may see the brown paper and not be remotely impressed-
    however, I KNOW what's inside ;)
    Ditto about you~


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