Thursday, January 01, 2009

LXVIII - A Clean Slate.


A Clean Slate.

Out with the old and in with the new,
Fool yourself with a resolution or two:
Loose some weight,
Clean the shed,
Fix the gate,
Rotate the bed,
A habit to quit,
Some notes to write,
Get more fit,
Forget some slight,
Walk each day,
Drink good wine,
Open a café,
Protect your spine,
More quality time,
Be more polite,
Remove the grime,
That novel to write,
The list is endless, goes on and on.
Perhaps we’ve got this whole thing wrong.
We load ourselves with lists of guilt;
With the bricks of “must”, failure’s built.
What if we forgot our baggage to date
And started again, with a clean slate?

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!! Seriously man, good stuff. :)

  2. Clean slates are good. Very good. Wiping mine now, as we speak.

  3. I love that idea! You are quite brilliant. Except I already made my resolutions so now I'm stuck.

  4. I sent a link to this poem to my friends and relatives along with my Happy New Year message. I know they will enjoy it as much as I did.

    Have a Great 2009, everyone.

  5. Since my sister is in love with you---well, with your writing ,for one thing, with your wit for another, I had to come and have a read. So glad I did! Good words to start a new year with.....

  6. Thank you Molly! Nice of you to drop in. I am flattered but a little worried about your sister - I am excruciatingly dull in real life and a great disappointment to all who meet me.

  7. Yeah, I can vouch for that.

    Happy New Year, Cosmo.

  8. dull and a disappointment in real life ..
    hey! that's just like me.
    anyway ..
    i always make resolutions with the intention of breaking them the minute i write them down.
    but this time i wrote them a month ago so i would be resolution free by the new year. this year!
    happy new year, cosmo. so far so good at 8:00 am ... yawn ..

  9. Seriously...when are you going to publish a book of your poems? This was so perfect ... you make it look so easy and I know it can't be. And have you been peeking at my list of resolutions? You pretty much got them all!!!

    Happy 2009! Looking forward to more of your poetic genius in the new year!

  10. excellent! please do not scratch the slate! *shudder* i never make resolutions (out loud) happy new year!!

  11. tabula rasa for '09. i like it. a good wish and resolution indeed.
    j cosmo, a toast!

  12. Excellent poem. It's sort of like a bonfire for the mind. Lose the baggage. Here, here.

  13. just finding the slate
    would really be great,
    in that messy room where I keep my bed.
    And if I can ever see the floor,
    by cleaning that and nothing more,
    I believe I'll also clean my head.

  14. Well put!! I stopped by to say conrat's for having your tribute to Garlic posted on Pictures, Poetry & Prose. It really made me smile big smiles as I read it; then I come over and see all of these great poems...

    ~ keep on keeping on, you've been gifted for sure

  15. What a breath of fresh air.

    (Someone does care!)



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