Monday, January 05, 2009

LXXIII - The Gotcha Bird

This photo appeared on Braja's Blog.
It resulted in the following shitty little poem.

The Gotcha Bird

A nasty number is the Gotcha Bird:
A first glance, a lovely little Kingfisher.
But it’s prone to shoot a horizontal turd
From it’s sweetly feathered fling fissure.

Now, defecation's natural, a thing birds do,
And it can make forest walking fearful,
But while other birds will drop in on you
The Gotcha will give you an earful.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. ick ..
    now i have to worry about horizontal bird turds too?

  2. All the more reason for ear flaps on hats.
    Plus with earwigs on the loose, it keeps out the bats.
    (well, not from the belfry, he said with a big grin,
    There is really no way of knowing how many are already within)

  3. Beware the loose bowelled fowl!

  4. Ok that's gross and who had time to sit around and wait for the bird to go potty? I think I will stay indoors, it is getting to be a dangerous world out there.

  5. A feathered fling fissure? You made me snort. I never snort. It's almost as rude as this poem. ;)

  6. Nothing wrong with snorting poems. It's a harmless addiction and leaves your sinuses vibrant and healthy.

  7. Do you believe in karma? Because if you do...the Gotcha's gonna getcha.

  8. I saved this picture from Braja's post, too. I'm waiting for just the right time to use it (I'm guessing it'll be in a post about my ex-husband ;)

  9. J Cosmo - I always read your poems but don't comment, 'cause a blogging dog commenting on poems seems wrong, somehow. HOWEVER, this one was so up my street I couldn't help it - love it and made me snigger. I'm keen on poo humour.

  10. Such a pretty bird too. ♥

  11. :0> hahahahaha

    thanks for the laugh


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