Saturday, January 10, 2009

LXXIX - Remnants and scraps

One Minute Writer asked
"You've been hired to write for a science fiction series.
Describe an alien race you create

The alien is not really green
But his presence is easily seen.
He turns up on time,
Brings flowers and wine,
And then insists on helping you clean.

Lee, at The Curate After Dark (care, R-rated), marvelled
at the use of "dongsnog" as a word verification in Blogger.

Dongsnog is a word that we're missing,
What with images of hot penile kissing,
Our lexicons need it.
But I ready concede it
Really is just fond reminiscing.

In a quiet moment, I pondered 'pulchritude' as a word:

Pulchritude means “with extreme good looks”,
Most unfortunately so, in my books,
It’s an ugly old word,
And those few times it's heard
It sounds like a collection of chooks.

One Minute Writer asked
"Can money buy happiness?"

Can happiness be bought for a buck?
The boffins say we're pressing our luck
To expect that riches
Will cure life's bitches
But we can subcontract the jobs that suck.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. You know which was my favorite, don't you? ;)

  2. Not sure which one is Diane's favorite but I rather like the alien one. There have been a few aliens in my lifetime.

  3. Diane: My experience (not with you, but generally) is to say "No, I have no idea. Tell me, which one is your favourite?"

    Mama W: A few is good. Lots would be better. One can be enough.

  4. Most enjoyable Cosmo! :)

  5. Nice. You seem to enjoy the limerick form.

    BTW: Do you ever sleep?

  6. Love the comments today... Do you ever sleep? That's a good one. You've been so prolific of late, you must be a perpetual rhyming machine. Do you converse in verse?

    Also, I agree that pulchritude sounds dirty or priggish. This is one time when Latin has it backwards. And I do hope to drop dongsnog in conversation at the next Junior League tea. That poem, btw, was my personal favorite of the three. Snicker.

  7. I second Lee - do you ever sleep?

    I did have to ponder what the heck a chook was/is? Is that Aussie? Google comes back with references to Aussie for chicken so I assume so. (I did assume you weren't referring to Chook Industries whose mission seems to be "... goal is to become the single and only business conglomerate in operation in the world. 'We Own You.'")

  8. Chooks are indeed chickens.

    Onomatopoeic, I think.

    The word reminded me of a multitude of poultry.

  9. As always, you're at the top of your game. I so enjoy your poetry.

  10. why don't i ever get fun words when i have to do word verification? i always get something that eyes can I can barely decipher with my bifocal vision.
    as usual, i've enjoyed reading your poetry very much.
    thanks for being so prolific.

  11. oops .. that my eyes can .. i meant to say ..

  12. dongsnog...I'm giggling as if I was a 10 year old.

  13. Oooh, I need one of those aliens.


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