Friday, January 23, 2009

XCIII - The Dragon


Laura Jayne at Pictures, Poetry & Prose poses a daily writing challenge.
The prompt for this poem was “Dragon Tales”.

The Dragon

With flaming nose and steely eyes,
A dragon loves to terrorise.
He scours the land from an early hour
For serfs and vassals to devour.
He loves to hear their deep despair,
When he barbeques their derriere.
He smiles to see them beg and fawning
To the smell of bacon in the morning.

But one little serf had had enough
Of being hasselled by this tough.
He spread his legs and crossed his arms,
Determined to protect their farms.
“O scaley thing, you are a fraud!
Hop it or I’ll use my sword!
Unlike the rest, I don't overrate you.
So back off or I’ll perforate you!”

The dragon stood, as if debating,
Before sighing and then deflating.
It wriggled a bit, the head fell off
And from it stepped a small dwarf.
“OK, now that my skin’s unfurled
Will you protect me from this nasty world?
My jig is up, I’ve shed my hide,
So what protection do you provide?

“Well no, that’s really not my place.
I just wanted to save my serfy race.
Now go and inflict no further pain
For I’ll skewer you if you come again.”
The little dwarf gave the serf a salute,
Then lit the burners and inflated the suit,
And, with no further conversation,
Flame grilled the serfy little irritation.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. See that's a great read. I started my poetry class and well I don't get anything the professors is having us read. it all sounds like nonsense, why can't I just read your works and write about them? then I would enjoy this class.

  2. Indeed, you are full of talent!! This is filled.

  3. Memo to self: Don't pick on the dragon.

  4. You see! Us small guys can be deadly;)

  5. Love this... a hero, a villian (or villian and hero depending on your POV), action, suspense, plot twist, death and destruction. Yep, love it.

  6. kewl ..!!!
    bbq, bacon, grilling ..
    i'm ready! .. i brought the beer.. :D

  7. What a fun, well-crafted poem. Very drole... "serfy race" made me smile, but now I can't get images of Smurfs out of my head. Thanks.

  8. One of my favorites :)
    I loved it!

  9. I liked that one, very visual.
    You are an amazing writer j cosmo and always entertain us with your talented word craft. ♥


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