Monday, January 19, 2009

LXXXVIII - The Flame


The Flame

Where does a flame go when it's gone?
Does it go to Hell, to continue on?

Where does a flame go when it's away?
Does it's heat live on in some other way?

Where does a flame go when out of sight?
Does another dimension hold its light?

Where does a flame go when it dies?
"Snuffed if I know", a voice replies.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I think it goes to the same place all the mates to my odd socks have gone...

  2. I think it goes up to the sky and makes all the pretty clouds shaped like rabbits.

  3. i'm sure the answer is out there somewheres ....

  4. Diane: (Thinks) There could be a poem in that.

    Mama: Flame bunnies? Maybe.

    Foam: Yess....(waiting)

    Lee: Very funny! (Meaning = I wish I had thought of that!).

  5. Well, we all know about temperature inversions... and anti-matter. There are probably energy inversions, also. Think of worm holes. Every time you blow out a candle, you're creating a snowflake in another dimension. Actually, my orthodox Jewish friends don't use candles unless they let them burn out. Something to do with snuffing out souls... :\


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