Saturday, January 03, 2009

LXXI - The Merchants of Doom.

Who am I writing about here? You can decide for yourself.
But the financial pages opinion writers should be on the list.

The Merchants of Doom

When problems loom
The Merchants of Doom
Are eager to sell us their wares;
They give us a lashing
Of weeping and gnashing
About how badly we’ll fare;
They tell us the bad things,
The morbid and sad things,
They are happiest when pulling their hair.
They’ll say that they knew
We’d always get through,
But only say that when we’re there.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. First - very scary picture. Second I think that poem should be about all newscasters and reporters, or any expert that they get to talk about the economy or state of the world!

  2. Sounds like my form teacher in my last year of high school.

  3. vroom, vroom said the merchants of doom ..
    and then they went to bed ..

  4. Thank goodness the markets closed up yesterday; and we heard a commentator say that the first three days in January are an indicator of how the markets will be at the end of the year. Last year started with three very bad days. Keep your fingers crossed for Monday and Tuesday... :)

  5. the merchants of doom
    delight in our gloom
    even if in error
    they seek to stoke terror
    for they never feel so alive
    as when they say you cannot thrive
    blind these bastards with sheer
    brilliant optimistic cheer
    for even if the end is near
    each moment in life is precious and dear

    great painting. who is the artist? i dont recognize it.

  6. yeah, actually i meant to also ask about the painting ..

  7. The painting (or the image of it) is called Hell_The_Alternative.jpg and I found it searching for "Hell" on Google Images. It originates from a page called - that is a discussion group site and needs you to register to access the site proper.

  8. Shall we all get together and flog them?

  9. it's a disease. known as masochism. and if they can make money off it, even better.

  10. i meant sadism, but who's looking anyway...


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