Tuesday, January 20, 2009

XC - Moving House


Moving House
(A Rondeau)

When moving house you must take care
Of what to pack and what to spare.
There’s a ton of stuff to be towing
And other things should not be going:
Take it to the tip and leave it there.

Undertake the needed repairs,
Move the junk from under the stairs,
Leave the place all clean and glowing,
When moving house.

Ensure you pack the garden chairs
And mail’s sent to you know where.
Tell the neighbours that you’re going;
Avoid the party they are throwing.
Pretty soon you wont be there.
When moving house.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I hate moving. Hate it. Really, really hate it.

    But the party would be nice. If there was wine.

  2. Do you reckon George will take the carpets and curtains with him?

  3. Nice... I like your site.

  4. It just rolls off the tongue like cool, crisp water,
    (in a bowl made by the very best of potter,)
    and then for the nice music,
    to clean the dadadum limerick,
    you've that nice dance beneath it, like you ought'er.

    I admit to being a twit
    if that means I don't always understand it,
    but now-a-days I'm not near as bashful about asking.
    Another limerick?
    and the punchline of the second verse following it?
    you see, it's a simple man you are tasking.

    But if it makes you happy,
    I won't be getting 'sappy'
    just leave word
    like a small bird
    and wander off....

  5. I see what you mean Boneman but, no, not related to the limerick. A rondeau is a 15 line verse following fairly strict rules.. It should be 8 syllables per line except for the two refrain lines. I didn't always manage this.

    A limerick has the 3rd & 4th lines shorter than the other 3.

  6. Oh, moving! I've done it way too many times. I hate the upheaval, but I love the adventure! Our moves, not even one of them, were never as elegant as this.

  7. Mum said that made her feel poignant. I don't know what that means.

  8. This rondeau is full of great advice - and so witty - as usual. Too many unpacked boxes lurk in my basement. You should have written this back in July. ;)

  9. Uhhg.. moving. Yuck. During my college years, I moved from rental to rental and each time gave away a ton of stuff I no longer needed. Yet, somehow, the stuff keeps piling up. I have five months left on the lease I'm in now, then I hope to buy a home that I can live in for a looooong time. No more moving!

  10. if the junk stayed where it ought to i would't mind moving so much ..
    but it seems to follow me around.

  11. The best and worst thing about moving is the first night in the new house...all new sounds and where the hell is the can opener?

    Btw, I'd buy your poetry book if you had one published.

  12. I just really enjoyed this poem. I'm going to have to look up Rondeau as I really responded to this poem in particular -- the style and sound.


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