Sunday, January 11, 2009

LXXX - Personal Assistant

Dora Maar - Picasso.

One Minute Writer had a topic called "Assistant".
"If you could hire someone full-time to make your life easier, what would their duties be?"

Personal Assistant.

What tasks would I give to my PA?
Well, she…(yes she, I lean that way),
She would need to meet my habits quirky.
So tolerance will define her.
But what jobs to assign her?
To that the answer’s just a little murky.

A need, quite often overrated
Is the one to be appreciated.
It puts most others in the shade.
I need, but in some ways fear it,
Engagement with a kindred spirit,
Collective strops for our respective blades.

You see, tasks of the more daily kind
By and large, I don’t mind,
I’ll jump right in with rolled up sleeves
Of course (now, I’m risking strife)
The boring stuff’s done by my wife.
Perhaps she’s the one who needs a Jeeves.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I bet being your PA would be a hoot! ;)

  2. Sounds more like a muse than an assistant.

  3. i think lee has a good observation....i see that particular dora maar was still the loved wife -oh but as the relationship deteriorated so did her painted visage more fractured each canvas.

    i wouldve warned you not to stop by tonight -but alas too late. grrehahaha. yes, it IS a full moon.

  4. You could hire me...I could amuse you....

  5. I'm sure your wife loved this one!

  6. i always tell my husband that i want a butler ..

  7. great post
    and beautiful painting

  8. I don't need a PA, but a maid would be nice. Or just a designated dish-washer and laundry-doer. I'll sweep and mop and do all the rest...but I hate dishes and laundry.


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