Friday, January 16, 2009

LXXXVI - Ode to a Plughole.


In a comment to my last post, Jenners asked
"Is there anything you can't write a poem about?".
I don't see why there should be
so I took the first thing that came into my mind...

Ode to a plug hole

I see that I shall never think
Much about my bathroom sink
Or the orifice of that china bowl
The oft neglected pluggable hole.

Through this hole pass a stream
Of water, spit and shaving cream.
Drains are where such things go
Because these plugholes make it so.

All is well while the liquid flows
But in the dark, a hair ball grows.
The plughole, often so under-rated,
Get’s your attention when constipated.

So, Hail to Thee! little chrome vent
My song of praise is truly meant.
A final question, if you’ll grant me:
Do you drain clockwise, or is it anti?

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. You have plumbed new heights!

  2. I gagged a little at the hairball line (blech) but the rest made me laugh out loud. You are truly a rhyming wonder!

  3. Plumbing new depths? And do I detect a bit of Frost here? Very amusing. And of course the answer is it depends on which side of the equater, whether the flow is clockwise or not. But you knew that, n'est-ce pas?

  4. Well, that answers her question. There is no subject you can't tackle. This was a funny little delight.

  5. Or even the equator, for that matter... ;) Duh. Alzheimers...

  6. Ha!!! Well, now we know - there is no end to your genius! :)

  7. here's to unconstipated plugholes every where ..
    and to j cosmo, the rhyming wonder.

  8. Here's another subject for you---brought to mind by the line "but in the dark a hairball grows...."
    That subject is my cat. He is a sleek and elegant creature, fastidious and persnickety---but, in the dark a hairball grows!

    Very impressive M. Newbery!

  9. J Cosmo - you are truly brilliant. I think my mum is getting a teeny bit of a crush (but don't tell her I told you) - she likes clever folk like you - mum wishes she were clever. Bless her.

  10. No, it won't be you JCN; but thank you for the tip of the lid. It means a bit to me coming from someone fo your writing talents.

    And the Ode to a Plughole is not surprisingly fun.


  11. Wow! That one takes the cake! Amazing......


  12. Waaaaaaay too much time on your hands Sir.

  13. Why was a plug hole the first thing that came to your mind?

  14. I'm finally here and I LOVE IT! You certainly answered my question -- you CAN truly write a poem about EVERYTHING! Of course, when a woman hears that she "inspired" a poem, she wishes it to be about a flower and not a plughole but I'll take what I can get. (HAHA!) The poem was so amusing. And I actually wrote a little poem in response for you. I'm going to try and expand on it a little in an upcoming post but wanted to share what I have you. (It is a bit juvenile as I don't share your amazing talent but it is a start):

    J Cosmo wrote a poem for me
    I'm honored beyond words
    It's called "Ode To A Plughole"
    Say what?...that little turd.

    I'm sure you are taking this in the spirit it was intended! : )

  15. LOL! Thank you!

    It's praise I am happy to take sitting down.

  16. I strolled off to Neverland myself, one day, upon the sight of a staple pin in the cracks on the pavement, and produced quite a piece...

    another of those tiny beauties of life!!


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