Monday, February 02, 2009

CI - Cycles


Jenners, cheeky possum, offered me a 'strings-attached' award.
I could have the award if I wrote a poem about butterflies.
I have tackled butterflies twice before: here and here.
I took a different tack this time.
The award is in my Trophy Cabinet.


She flits from shrub to shrub,
There to lay her eggs;
From them comes a chubby grub,
A stomach, with hairy legs.

These multi-legged eating machines
Do what their mothers reckoned:
Quickly gobble up their greens,
And a flower or two, for seconds.

When they are full and quite replete
They spin a home of silken strings
There they discard most of their feet
And grow a pair of wings.

A brief flutter with a passing mate
Leaves the female ‘in the club’;
Entrusted with their joint estate,
She flits from shrub to shrub.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I want a home of silken strings.

  2. I like the way it starts and finishes with the same line, emphasising the repeat of the life cycle, no?

  3. J Cosmo - that made me smile

  4. Lee summed it up exactly... The cyclical thing. I like the "entrusted with their joint estate" part, too. Sounds so decent. Maybe a poem about a praying mantis should be added to your to-do list.

  5. it's the circle of life ..
    in a fluttery kind of way.

  6. And so the cycle continues,quite amazing really...from a grub to a beautiful butterfly. ♥

  7. I love this. And I love that you called Jenners a "cheeky possum." Ha. :)

  8. I must say I've never been called a "cheeky possum" before but I quite like it! : )

    I can't believe how fast you turned this around! You are so gifted. Truly.

    Love the description of "a stomach, with hairy legs."

  9. I'd like some silken strings and a pair of wings.......Silken words, as usual!

  10. What, no use of pupa and larva and all the possible rhymes therein? I'm disappointed.

    All kidding aside, great verse!

  11. BRAVO!! A well spun tale if I'd ever heard one.


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