Thursday, February 19, 2009

CXIX - Noise Annoys

I opted to have a go at Mama's Losin' It's writing assignment this week.
I chose "What's your number one pet peeve? Develop a punishment for anyone caught in the act."
Well, my pet peeve at the moment is the people who think I share their taste in music.

Noise Annoys

Something that really gives me the squirts
Are blogs that attack you with musical blurts;
There you are, innocently trawling
When a squillion decibels sends you sprawling.

And it’s not even as if these bloggers hear,
The noise transmitted to the Blogoshpere.
All is blissfully quiet back where it all began;
Elsewhere has Abba, on the Hammond organ.

Complaining is pointless, you are called perverse,
Said to be intolerant, insensitive, or worse.
Perhaps when I’ve finished penning these gripes
I‘ll teach my blog how to play bagpipes.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Silly man... that's why you keep your sound turned off :)

    And I like bagpipes.

  2. Maybe but then, if I forget to turn it back on, I don't hear the rels calling on Skype.

  3. And missing the rels calls isn't a twofer? (Just kidding.)
    If you do put up the bagpipes, make sure they are loud. Just to make it even for all the rap I get blasted with if my sound is on.

  4. Just don't go there. What's the problem? It's not as if there aren't more blogs than you can ever visit out there. But, I suppose if you must have a peeve, it is a fairly manageable one.

  5. I agree with you about the musical sites...but my poem would have had to be about sitting down when the seat is up. Perhaps you could pen a ditty for me since I'm the ONLY female in my house! ;o)

  6. Gah - not the bagpipes, please! Brilliant poem as usual.

  7. Oh man that poem rocked!!!


  8. LOL! Ah, telling people to turn off their bloggy tunes in a poem. How perfect.

    I leave my computer on mute! :)

  9. J Cosmo ---that just happened to me last night. I went to a blog I visit often and was practically blown out of my seat. The blogger had just added music to his site. Ouch!

    Your poem (as usual) was great and I love the illustraion, too.

  10. I don't think I could identify my number one pet peeve. I'll have to list a few.

    Instant coffee. It's NOT coffee, it is an insult to coffee.

    People that drink instant coffee. It's NOT coffee!

    Unfinished drinks. Look, if you didn't want a whole cup of tea why the Hackney Marsh did you ask for one? If you didn't want a full pint then why didn't you order a half?

    TV ad breaks in films. Grr I just want to watch the film dagnammit.

    Starting a well-recommended book and giving up on it because it is tiresome. I hate feeling disappointed with a book.

    I could go on, but probably time to stop, there could be someone reading who is an instant coffee drinker!

  11. That was awesome. I keep my Laptop on MUTE while perusing blogs. :-)

  12. {Came over from Mama Kat's Workshop} :)

    This annoys me too, because I'm generally already listening to music anyway! It creates an annoying cacophony of sound, and it usually distracts me too much to bother reading the actual blog.

  13. i've been blasted out of my seat before ..
    most bloggers i blog with show the occasional music video that you can choose to watch or not ..
    but sometimes they blast a tune. i just turn the volume off then.

  14. I wrote a whole post about this a couple of weeks ago! That's funny. I keep my speakers off all the time because it really is scary to get an unexpected musical surprise.

  15. I hate that too.... that's why I usually try to keep my volume on MUTE!!!
    Love the poem!! :)

  16. A blogger with music blasting is like a Mercedes with a deodorizer hanging on the air conditioning vent...great potential but ruined due to the dispersion of tainted air...whether you want it or not.


  17. Good one! I added a playlist for a day, but then took it off when I realized how annoying it was.

  18. Good one! I added a playlist for a day, but then took it off when I realized how annoying it was.

  19. Dang it.. it posted twice. I hate when that happens.

  20. Great poem! I totally agree.

  21. Totally agree! That's why I have my computer volume muted... but every so often, I unmute for something then am bloggin' away and get hit with some craptastic music! Love the poem and thanks for visiting my blog!

  22. Very nice poem. And bagpipes would be a nice change.

  23. Quite creative. ;-) I'm kind of agreeing!

  24. Quite creative. ;-) I'm kind of agreeing!

  25. I get what your saying. I always have my laptop muted anytime I am online. I was going to take it off but then I got compliments so I figured if someone doesn't like it, turn it down or leave. If someone does like it, it's there for them to enjoy. By the way, that's genious telling people to check out your blog but that they wont like it. My Mom reads mine but never anyone else. Until today, you got her curious and she came and read yours. Also, she totally agreed with you.

  26. Blogs with music are going to get me fired one of these days.

    I just know it

  27. I hate the sounds I generally stop reading the blog because of it

  28. well, my apologies, sir, it is my fault.
    On my musical blog where I put my own music in the vault...
    I'm not that adept at making the volume correct.
    Believe me, your's are not the first ears I wrecked.
    At the very least, I've not blown anyone's speakers.
    The problem is, my recordings are streakers.
    No, not naked tunes running around.
    More like, I have no way to control the sound.

    I enjoy sharing the tunes with whoever will listen
    (and oh, when they do, how my eyes glisten!)
    And for compliments, I've been known to do double flips...
    alas, that is not the problem from your lips.
    But, I know you need some sound to hear specific noise....
    but the question I wonder is, if it's loudness that annoys, why is your set turned up so high?
    Ah...I think I that where your present age would lie?

    Are you so deaf that when folks ask about your new hearing aid and if it clicks,
    ("what kind is it?")
    you reply "oh, about quarter to six"

  29. Maybe I'm still a newbie, but this has happened to me only twice. MUTE! Quickly! Lest you wake up the toddler, or the sickly!

  30. Hi J Cosmo, now you really reminds me of another grumpy post by another blogger whom I think have so much resemblance with you.. Why don't you share with us some music of your likes? Who knows I'll like yours..

    Thanks for coming to my blog..

  31. Mo. instant coffee drinker here.
    Budgetary considerations demand it.

    Blogs with instant music also prolonggggggggggg the downloading of such blogs. Which tends to make me click away.

  32. I so it agree.
    It gets to me.
    I'm on my computer to read and see...
    Not wake my entire sleeping fam-i-ly.

  33. I probably force the music I like on people too much ... especially my wife. Alcohol only intensifies this.

  34. Okay Mama Kat, your comment was great. And I agree, it is an annoyance to have music on the blogs. Not only does it scare me when it randomly comes on, but my office is next to my sleeping kiddo's room. The last thing I want to do is wake a sleeping toddler.

    Great poem.

    Oh, and the dog collar was on sale...and it happens to be cute!

  35. Oh I so agree! Nice work.

  36. OOO, I LOVE bagpipes. (Seriously) I'd miss them though, as I never have my volume on because I hate being surprised by noise. Amen :)

  37. Fabulous poem. But bagpipes rock!!!

  38. Hmm. Well I just put up a song just for you...come check it out! Turn up your volume first. Seriously, I don't care for it either. Maybe if I actually liked their choice of music.
    You have a copyrighted signature...impressive. Maybe I'll put that on my blog too!

  39. I just giggled over the line:

    "gives you the squirts"

    I'm immature that way.

    I agree with you. If I forget to turn down my speakers, I almost have a heart attack on some blogs.

    I added a song thing to mine but I'm fairly sure it doesn't play unless you WANT it to play. I was trying to be very careful about that.

    And if bagpipes don't do the trick, try Yoko Ono music.

  40. I have a playlist on my blog but you choose to listen or not. ♥

  41. That happens to me too! I generally get thrown right through the window behind my desk, and it's always around 11pm when this happens.


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