Thursday, February 26, 2009

CXXV - Rabbits



The curtains rippled slightly
As I walked along the street;
Someone sat behind them
But our eyes would never meet.

Even when away from home
Other barriers are raised:
Heads are down and ears are plugged
And eyes are strangely glazed.

So timid and reclusive,
In a lonely life, concealed.
Like rabbits in a bramble patch
On the far reaches of the field.

People lament their loneliness
Until one cold day it dawns:
If they want to connect with others
They must step beyond the thorns.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. And I include 'comment moderation' as another line of prickles people hide behind too!! Hurrmph!

  2. First I agree with "comment Moderation"! Now on to the good stuff, I love the picture because I'm a fan of rabbits but I think for me you hit the head of the nail. I always say I don't have a lor of friends but the truth is I don't make myself friendly or available. So maybe it is time for me to peek out ot better yet step out.

  3. That is absolutely the truth! It's easier to stay hidden but it is lonely.

    And I'm ok with comment moderation (I'm starting to see spam so it might have to kick in) but I am NOT okay with word verification.

  4. Beautifully said. But, easier said than done for alot of people.

    Wonderful picture.

  5. Beautiful analogy, Mr. Newbery!

  6. I think I needed to read this tonight... thanks.

  7. I still do some telephone counselling - it is amazing how many people ring because they are lonely and who say that they have no friends.

  8. A very true poem. I like how you related people to rabbits in the bramble patch.

    As for word verification - I got rid of it on my blog, just for you ;-)

  9. Great vivid are a master at this. Everyone has their own opinions but I think you are at your best with this type of serious cut right to the level of emotion that almost hurts.


  10. Another winner!

    And I agree with you on the comment verification. Unless you are getting bombarded by spam, I don't see the point other than cruelty to one's readers.

  11. I love it! That could not be more true.

  12. i don't mind my bramble patch at times ..
    but then, i do keep a small path clear that enables me to get out when i feel the need.

    ps: i'm not one for comment moderation either ..
    or word verification.

  13. Wonderful analogy and imagery. I really really liked this one.

  14. my favorite tell-a-tale story, Tarbaby and Briar Rabbit.
    ("don't throw me in yon briar patch, briar Bear! It would hurt so!")
    I love telling the whole story and do it with grea movement and changing of voice!

    You know, I used to train rabbits, i did.
    Used to train them to walk backwards in a straight row....

    But, I didn't have much luck selling a receding hare-line.

  15. Thorny brambles of comfort thee
    Behind them she's still waitin'
    For her prince to come into the lair
    To start the procreatin'.

  16. You are a clever chap J Cosmo. But I tend to go along with Foam, again (twice now - must visit that blogsite):)

  17. So true - you hit right to the heart of the matter.. and it rhymes too!

    I loved this!

  18. It is so true, all those lives lived behind those curtains, that you will never hear about. There must be a balance though, because the rabbit that is constantly visiting may find itself in the pot!

  19. I can't help but imagine that the "someone" behind the curtain was a rabbit.

  20. This reminds me of "Watership Down" (Bright Eyes).;))

  21. I see I've been replaced as the official taker of stuff to the feed, sir.
    (and that's OK)
    The green gal was fabulous looking!
    (Plus, I heard she did giggle quite a bit!)

  22. This was perfect!

    I'm a fan. :)

  23. Beautiful image. And the poem was lovely, too. My entire life people have asked me for directions, for a smile, for a nod in their direction... and I'm shy... or at least I was. Increasingly, talking to strangers (a taboo when I was young) seems rewarding. The connections - no matter how brief and insignificant - are a window into another's being. Revealing and reflective. (Of course, jerks are to be avoided at all costs... as was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever.) :)

  24. Nice poem.

    Those bramble patches can be useful sometimes when there are predators around so long as you can get out easily.

    But I feel if more people made eye contact and gave a friendly smile there would be less loneliness in the world. ♡


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