Friday, February 27, 2009

CXXVI - The Game Hunter


The Game Hunter

Henry had had a yearning,
Ever since he was very small,
To be a be a big game hunter,
With trophies on his wall.

One day, luck smiled on him,
With some unexpected loot,
And Henry got the chance
To fulfil his need to shoot.

More excited by the second,
Drinking whisky by the fifth;
He donned a nicely ironed safari suit
And a helmet made of pith.

He assembled native bearers
To carry all his things
And headed to the jungles
To see what fortune brings.

He hunted through the forests,
Over hill and dale and all;
Looking for some big game,
To put upon his wall.

After weeks of fruitless trekking,
His patience sorely tested,
He chance upon a rocky pool
And a lady there, bare breasted.

She was washing by the water,
And showed no desire to run;
She finished her ablutions
And then dried off in the sun.

Henry coughed and politely asked
Could she point to local game?
The lack of suitable trophies
Was a blot on Henry’s name.

She winked at Henry, wickedly
And reclined, naked on a shawl.
“I’m game if you are, big boy!”
Now her head’s on Henry’s wall.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Brilliant!
    Unlike Henry.

  2. Aha! Nice little twist at the end!

  3. I hope it is coincidence that Henry the Dog posted about wearing fur today!

    A Curate's Egg

  4. Well, I'm certainly NOT going to go on and on and on here least not dressed like this!
    It reminds me of that time in the fields one day....


    'scuse me....I'm out'a here!

  5. i had a pithy comment ..
    but, alas ..
    boneman's new outfit has left me speechless..

  6. That's a pithy.

  7. Ditto what blognut said?

    I'm thrilled to check out the letters. In the back of my mind, I always knew someone would step up and play the switch with the bait.

  8. This requires the number of deer ah? Not afraid of Animal protectionist know? You to be careful of your head was on the wall, if they know. (Joke): D

  9. My mum is laughing her head off but I'm kind of wondering is this (sort of) aimed at moi????

  10. No Henry, I promise. A completely different Henry. It wasn't until after I had posted that I thought "Uh-oh!". True!

  11. the hunter gone, yet?

    So, it reminded me of when, way back, when I was...


    See ya!

  12. A helmet made of pith? What the coating of oranges? What a man!

  13. I think 'big boy Henry' had his priorities all wrong.
    Well written J Cosmo. ♡

  14. Ha, the end caught me by surprise!;))
    I am going to interpret that the "head on the wall" is her portrait.;)))

  15. Ooooo la la ..he didnt did he?

    Wrong kind of banging?

  16. brilliant J cosmo
    wasnt expecting that ending !!

  17. ahh dear cosmo,

    i've been remiss. what delectables you've laid upon your table for us.

    i'm particularly fond of Rabbits; could say much but why embarrass the both of us? Suffice to say, I do enjoy both sides of you: the wickedly naughty and the sensitive gentleman.

    As for silly Henry: stupid boy. when he could have bagged the prize that just keeps on giving and giving and giving ....

    a redheaded water nymph would have used her brains a bit more wisely !


  18. ps.

    Lola's kisses are NEVER sloppy; take time and finesse; enjoy the tart sweet of a fine pinot noir; and would insist that the suit get lost in the ummm process ...

  19. Pure Genius!
    Your poetry might even appeal to my husband -- who avoid reading and poetry like the plague!


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