Friday, February 06, 2009

CIV - The Butterfly


I started this the same time as Cycles (poem CI) but have only recently returned to it.
It seemed to me that a rondeau sounded as if it would be a good form for a 'cycles' theme.
And then enough!   I'm through with butterflies for a while!

The Butterfly

They flutter by, sipping flowers,
And only live for several hours.
Hard pressed for time they choose a mate
And, on the fly, they copulate.
Such relationships quickly sour.

Once duty’s done there is now a
Pressing need to find a bower.
Like a white rabbit, running late,
They flutter by.

Avoiding birds who would devour,
They head out urgently to scour
For a green place that is sedate
Enough to stay and lay and wait.
Like an leafy autumn shower—
They flutter by.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. You do butterfly poems beautifully. :)
    But then, you do most every kind of poem beautifully.
    I'm eventually going to have to stop stroking your ego, you know? All I ever do is tell you how great you are. I don't want it to go to your head.

  2. Are you planning to work your way through the insect world - aphids, slugs, mosquitoes...?

  3. As insects have six legs, I can rule out the gastropods. Unless, of course, they have six stomachs. No, that wouldn't work - would that make a cow an insect? Nevermind. I'll go where the winds and tumbleweeds of my mind take me. Just no more butterflies.

  4. Are all winged critters out for a while? Do you ever do political poems?

  5. Cows have four stomachs, one for each leg.

  6. Well I was happy for another butterfly poem! You have such a different approach for all of them. And how long is awhile? A year? a month? Until you feel inspired again?

    I'll wait patiently.

  7. Very nice. Rondeaus have a pretty strict rhyming pattern, which seems to agree with you. Between us, though, I think we've covered the subject for the time being. (Lewis Carroll's bread and butter fly keeps flitting through my feeble brain begging for notice, however...)

  8. Very pretty poem j cosmo, but I kept wondering where Alice was and was she pouring tea. ♥


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