Friday, February 13, 2009

CX - The One


The One

There are seven deadly sins decreed
That man should not abide;
There’s glutton, sloth and greed,
Envy, anger, lust and pride.

What I want, nay need, to know
Is “Can I have my druthers?”
I’m willing to let them mostly go
If I can be relaxed about the others.

Now, anger only burns inside;
I’d ditch it without qualms
And I’ve seen the damage done by pride
In those pious folk of Psalms.

Then there’s gluttony and greed
Two deadly sins, hard to be split.
Wanting more than you really need
Even though you can barely lift it.

Envy is a wicked scamp who brings
A desire to covet your neighbour’s lot
And sloth makes you want these things
Without straying from your cot.

Ah, but lust! Glorious lust, I love it so!
These’s no depression it can’t fix.
So could I keep the sin I know
And just ditch the other six?

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. I somehow think it is a short term fix...the best of all also is most destructive.


  2. Oh, I dunno about that Dan... you're assuming the lustful feelings are for random people. Lustful feelings for your partner can't be beat!

    Not that I've had any experience in the partner category lately. Sigh.

  3. Lust is good. Anything that you can look forward to is good at times like this.

  4. Lust is a good thing. without lust life would be so much more bleak ..

  5. OK...maybe I was too quick to reply...maybe to hoity lust after something right now looks pretty good...I have to admit.

    Dan the puritan Felstead

  6. Okay, you know that I believe you are SO gifted with poetry, right?'d probably guess my reaction to this one :o), I won't comment BUT...

    How'd you get that "print this page button"? If you'd so kindly reply, I'd be ever grateful :o)...

    {thank you, oh talented one}

  7. To put in a 'print this page' button, see here.

    It means I can print the page for my Mum without all the headers and sidebars.

  8. Lust can be fun. I'm not sure it ever really solves anything, but it can make you temporarily forget. Which can be helpful, at least in the short term.

  9. Lust...I do not know what of you speak. Lust...hmmmm...


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