Monday, February 09, 2009

CVIII - The Carnival is Over


The Carnival is Over

The carnival is over
It’s time to pack the tents
Put away the grease paint
Give up on the pretence.

It was fun while it lasted
But it’s time to hit the trail;
The audience is dwindling
And the show is getting stale.

I’m feeling rather knackered,
I’ve nothing new to share.
All my stuff is packed now
And the horses sniff the air.

The world is ever changing,
Don’t fear it is the end,
Life, it is a roundabout,
We may come this way again.

So, the carnival is over
One does what one must do;
Be brave, I want no crying.
It’s time to go.


© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. You're not trying to tell us something, are you?

    Actually, let me re-phrase that...

    You'd better not be trying to tell us something!

  2. That sounds a bit final.

  3. Powerful, what a colorful telling of the journey, thanks for that, I can feel the emptiness as we hear the horses snorting and stomping in the background and tents are being rolled up. On to the next..

  4. As John Q. told his son as he was taken off to jail, "This isn't goodbye, son. I'll see you later. Be strong."

  5. That photo is so sad. It is as if even a naked beauty cannot lift the clown's spirits. And if such a woman cannot, what can?

  6. Hoping this was just a poem and not some kind of coded message that you will be stopping your blog I hope! Was quite ominous in a way. I learned that "adieu" is I shall never see you again ... so I always avoid using it.

    The picture is quite haunting too!

  7. J,
    This is like the "Paul is dead" scenario"...tell me it isn't so???


  8. I love this thing you do.. take up a pic and write a poem..
    I am enjoyin ur blog!!


  9. Sounds pretty final. Farewell? Please say it's au revoir, not adieu.

  10. This one made me sad. Don't leave us, k?

  11. You will come this way again ..
    no? yes?
    bon voyage ..
    so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night...

  12. Yes, it's au revoir, not adieu.

  13. So glad to hear from you. I'll be scanning the horizon, anxious for your return.

  14. J,
    Thanks for the response and insight as to your future... Good luck with what you must do. I am leaving your link on my blog, still following and will check back on a regular basis. Hoping to see those unique posts once again in the future.

    Truly, I wish you well.


  15. I'm glad I came back to check ... I've been worried actually.

    I'm glad it is au revoir ... I'll miss you. Best wishes in whatever you are doing now...and I'll be waiting for you return. : )

  16. Best wishes, Cosmo. You will greatly, greatly missed. It's been three days since this sad little poem and I'm already needing my Cosmo fix. Guess I'll have to reread some of the others?
    Hope to hear more from you soon.


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