Monday, February 23, 2009

CXXII - Chicken a l'Orange.


Laura Jayne at Pictures, Poetry & Prose poses a daily writing challenge.
The prompt for this poem was “Orange”. A nasty thing, as there are few rhymes for it.

The hen took her chicks into a glade
Where citrus provided welcome shade;
There, beside some fallen fruit,
A chick cried out “What a hoot!
Look! There's the orange Mama laid!”

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. After a pun like that, I'm not sure sorry is enough!

    A punster after my own heart.

  2. Yet another reason to hate oranges.

  3. You do like living dangerously, don't you!

  4. Ha! I wouldn't apologize for that... it made me laugh :)

  5. Cute! A new take on an old joke. ♥

  6. You're about the only one out here who could get away with that!

  7. That is so cute...
    Hey.. u saw YOU featured on my blog?!


  8. Cute. I'm pretty literal, as it turns out, as I literally thought she laid an orange. I'm tired.

    You won! I'm emailing you details.

  9. Too interesting, and this is what is written. (Laughter)

  10. i'm afraid 'cute' doesn't quite ... express the feeling i'm groping for ... perhaps a deep groan. After all, laying anything is quite exerting and worthy of a few moans and groans.

    what a hoot, indeed, Cosmo.

    sigh (tsk'ing lightly under her breath)


  11. JCosmo, I really should'a had my shot at it so many moons ago.
    Because that was the very tact I had planned, and it was good, don'tcha know.
    Lee Kennedy had to shine
    in at least four lines
    But I didn'a think I was good enough to come up with a good show.

    And it had a line drawing, too.
    I'll share the poetry with you,
    But I cant show the picture
    as it's in my room's mixture
    (I'm such a messy guy. Oh well, what's to do?)

    Here stands Lee on a chair in the kitchen
    A can of oil held tightly in his hand
    unsqueeking the door hinge
    And eating an orange
    Simultaneously, quite talented ths Australian man.

    I dunno, much time has passed
    Probably should have written it all down, but, alas
    I didn't.

  12. jeez, would'a been better if i had written 'in the kitchen, and'

    but, of course it's too late, eh?

  13. Don't apologise, that was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I've always believed that chickens use the hoot expression!

  14. Funny! No need to apologize...

  15. Funny, short, sweet and cute.;))

  16. I love that you apologized.. though I'm not sure it's needed. I chuckled at this one. :)

  17. and...I forgot to mix apples with oranges, here.

    The last time I skillet cooked some chicken, I used apple cider instead of wine.
    Quite the treat, indeed, my friend! It tasted exotically fine.

  18. Ouch. Another of life's little pleasures that I won't be able to enjoy without thinking of you.

  19. I like the "sorry" at the end, but I thought it just added to the humor. Fun stuff!


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