Monday, February 16, 2009

CXVI - Screens


Laura Jayne at Pictures, Poetry & Prose poses a daily writing challenge.
The prompt for this poem was “Noun”. I had to choose a noun and write about it.
I opened a book beside the bed. The first noun was "screens".
Plural. Rats. There are a few. Here are some.

The Harem Screen

The harem is a world unseen
Existing behind ornate screens;
It's guarded by a eunuch
In a golden tunic
Who laments over what might have been.


The Breast Screen

Every woman today understands
The need for regular breast scans
But if you aim at succeeding
At this mammary kneading
It's best if you have warm hands.


The Security Screen

The banker in a fine pin-stripe suit
Looked elegant and of high repute
But he regularly upsets the
Security detector
"It's the rings in my nipples that do it".

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. arent'ca glad your not a eunuch in a golden tunic ..?

    i do have to say while it's not the most pleasant experience .. my breast screen 'handlers' have all had warm hands ..

    nipple rings on a banker ..
    heh heh heh ..

  2. Mammary kneading? Too funny. A great poem about an un-fun experience. Hate 'em... but your poem made me chuckle. You've analyzed the problem with your usual brevity and wit.

    Getting squashed as thin as a pancake,
    Is a precaution which always makes tits ache.
    The mammogram machine, of which I'm no fan,
    Was clearly the fiendish design of a man.

  3. Again, you are a genius to get that many poems out of the word screens. The breast screen was my favorite -- and yes, warm hands are preferred!

    And love the rhyme of eunuch and tunic ... don't see that every day!

    And the concept of the banker with hidden nipple rings was too funny!

    And I loooooooooooved your bad writing submission for my game!

  4. Good to see the limerick form reappear.

  5. I agree - amazing that you can write 3 such different poems about screens. I think the first was my favorite, but I really like the humor you put into each of them.

  6. Yes....
    I, too stepped out onto the porch last night, looked up at the chilling sky.
    So clear and blue, each star sparkled, breath would visibly float up, create rings and patterns around the points of light, and the big, waning moon....then I heard it.
    Just faintly, but coming from the forest nearby.
    I stepped out with my long legs, quickly closing on the five hundred yards....there it was again.
    A scream!
    Desperate scream! From a woman in distress!?
    I dunno, but, I broke into a run!
    Getting closer to the forest and hearing the screams....

    (a fellow steps out of the side and walks over to me....he whispers something inaudible....explaining something....
    "...oh. 'sceens'? Really?....." I answer)

    uh, never mind.

  7. You forgot one.

    A gentleman went to the doc
    For his checkup on the ol' crock
    But in peering within
    The old man breathed in
    And nearly fell out in a shock.

  8. Oh, Boneman! (shakes head in amazement...) You never fail to delight!

  9. CDB: You are right. I had forgotten that one! Nicely done!

  10. had a chuckle over at the harem; swiftly bypassed the manhandling mammaries; full on laugh with the banker and his rings.

    yet another penetrating and piercing look at life underneath the suited walls ....

    seamless co-joining of post to post.
    who can not smile at the wit and pun?

    i needed that laugh.


  11. Very good j cosmo. ♥
    I have left a link over at my blog for you after your comment regarding the ♥ and ASCII codes.

  12. I love all three poems! You're brilliant!

  13. Simply brilliant poems... and I love the photo.

  14. Wonderful, you have me thinking about my words which is no bad thing. Bravo

  15. Great Post! In fact it is the Featured Post of the day over at Worth a Thousand Words.

  16. All three screens indeed! The thought of the banker is hilarious!


  17. Thanks for dropping by my 365 project J! I haven't seen you or been seen over here in a while. It was fun to catch up with your wonderful poems. :)


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