Monday, February 09, 2009

CVII - Sparks from the fireside


Sparks from the fireside

She’s a capricious mistress, fire:
Hypnotic, compelling, warming.
Dances brightly with hot desire,
Then bites you without warning.


They fought the fight, a dirty fight,
Sweaty, sooty, disheartened but unbowed
Until exhaustion finally smothers them
Like a warm but, Oh so heavy, shroud.


The first light of a cool, new day
Dappled sunlight plays upon the wall
Outside the birds have their say
A sense of normality to it all.
But the world is not as it seems
Just cinders, brick and twisted tin.
The sky is blue but there are no greens;
Just hollow laughing of the wind.


“God smiled on me” the lady said,
Her house survived the fire.
I wonder what her neighbours did
To attract such heartless ire?

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. J,

    Above all stay safe. I have been following the fires down there...worst in your history, they say. Hope all is and remains well.


  2. It's quite bizarre - it's 18°C here today.

  3. I'll second that - stay safe.

    The pictures on the news looked bad for all in the path.

  4. These are very powerful little poems. Please stay safe.

  5. Wow Cosmo!!
    You have power with words !!
    I enjoyed reading this.


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