Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CII- The Gnawed's Prayer


Sometimes Sophia suggested I do a poem about a Praying Mantis.
I felt a prayer would be more appropriate.

The Gnawed's Prayer

My Lover
You are so handsome.
Welcome to my bed.
Your pleasure’s here.
You will be done
In ways you will not have guessed of.
Give me your hand and follow me
And I’ll give you an experience
As I have given to those who have come before you.
Take me not with timidity
But deliver me from wanting.
For you I am thankful,
For the pleasure and the dinner,
For coming and cumming,

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Well that was different but inviting.

  2. First!

    All those lines you could have used; don't let our relationship go to your head, head job, things coming to a head, for what we are about to conceive (grace), ...

    Interesting to see the reaction!

  3. Cool AND dirty. Me likey.

  4. hmmmmmmmmm ...
    this one has a familiar cadence ..
    why is it so familiar?

  5. Well I hope its a good one and that he enjoys himself because as you know the female praying mantis eats the male after he is 'done' with her.
    No post coital glow or 'seconds' there, just death. ♥

  6. Ooooh. Slick. Aren't you the daring one? Very calculating and twisted. My, my...

  7. Well, well, who is the cheeky little possum?


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