Friday, February 13, 2009

CXI - The Message


The Message

I sat and wrote a little note
As plaintive as can be
Stuffed it in a bottle
And chucked it in the sea.

I paced my little island
Waiting for a sail
To appear on the horizon
And remove me from my jail.

At last a ship appeared,
Upon the seventh day;
They threw a bottle overboard
Then turned and sailed away.

I waded out to fetch it
And struggled back to land;
I sat beneath my palm tree
With the message in my hand.

“Dear Applicant” it went,
In a language without smiles,
“Our lifeboats are all full today
But we’ll keep you on our files.”

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I have to say it gladdened my heart to see the burst of poems arriving.

    Good work (and quite a range in the last 3 works).

  2. I have been there...I have received that same "lifeboats full today" message and also the "keep you on our files" as well. Why don't they just level with us?

    Dan Felstead

  3. What hurts me the most is the people who say "Oh, you are so clever, (talented, skilled, whatever) you will have no trouble getting a job.

    Seems to make the rejection hurt more, somehow.

  4. ..yeah, i heard that one ..
    files they never, ever, ever look at again..

  5. Glad you are back! I thought you had gone away for a very long time! I was actually kind of upset about it! That last poem was so mysterious and seemed so final! Whew! I'll sleep better tonight! Don't scare us again like that!

  6. Maybe the next boat? If not, make the most of that island. It sounds pretty good to me right about now. Warm sunshine and maybe a bottle of rum or two? I'd gladly join you there.

  7. Great wit, you have. Once again...I do enjoy reading your poetry. You are a natural!

  8. I so like your poetry... the wry wit and the sublime rhyme. So great to read. :)

  9. LOL! I'll bet a lot of people can relate to that reply. :)


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