Saturday, February 07, 2009

CV - The Cotton Dress

Photo from Dan Felstead's site.

The Cotton Dress

When wandering in a foreign land
And drifting, as in a dream,
I chanced upon a cotton dress,
Hanging from a beam.

The land about was grey and white,
The air would dimple skin;
Locals here went for warmth
But the dress was paper thin.

It spoke to me of distant realms,
Of music, beads and bright sunshine,
Of flowers, light and happiness,
A million miles from mine.

And where’s the woman of the dress?
I looked but saw no signs;
I suspect she dances barefoot still
In a place the sun still shines.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Dancing barefoot in the sunshine... I can't wait for those days!

  2. This was just so lovely and peaceful.

  3. Seems a bit wistful, too... "A million miles from mine." Very pretty imagery. Balm for the winter weary? Did the poem or the photo come first? (The latter, I think.)

  4. You made me even more ready for the barefoot days of summer. I miss the warmth and the bright sunshine.

  5. J,

    Thank you for using one of my photos for inspiration. As usual, your poetry is fabulous. I envy your talent and insight. Great portrayal of thoughts behind the dress.


    Dan Felstead

  6. Perfectly put. I like :o)


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